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We realize that most farmers especially in Africa suffer lack of sufficient farming information to assist them raise their incomes and get profits. Our intention is to turn this round and get farmers to maximize their productivity. We have developed a Web-based engine driven primarily by solution modules crafted from many years of crop production research by Dr. Okoth's work experience at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture(CIAT) and research output from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) also of the United Nations. The solutions are tailored to fit different categories of farmers both smallholder and large scale farmers. Our product offerings target open-field drip irrigation farmers, green-house farmers, arable rainfed farmers, horticultural farmers and other groups and/or individuals interested in weather data. The registered users pay a nominal monthly fee for the services. We relay the information to the farmer through their mobile phones upon their registration on the web portal. We use agromet weather stations to offer irrigation advice as well as ambient sensor controllers to provide phone based advises to the green-house farmers that have purchased our green-house controllers. Our equipment collect real-time data and therefore offers actual and not information from averaged data.