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The Smart Irrigator application advises farmers on their irrigation water management such as when to irrigate and for how long. The data used for computing these requirements are based on weather data collected at the weather station within their locality. During subscription, the farmer provides their names, their contact details, their farm location, the soil texture of the plot they are irrigating or intend to irrigate, the crop type as well as the date of planting. The farmer also specifies their land sizes in either hectares, acres and square metres. The system then on receiving the information, internally and based on the prevailing weather data, advises on irrigation duration needed to bring the soil to acceptable soil moisture status and based on the FAO and IAEA crop management research findings. The irrigation recommendation and scheduling is determined by the crop evapotranspirative demand, the irrigation drip lines spacing and the stage of growth of the crop as well as the root depth of the crop at the time of the specific crop growth cycle. The system sends daily messages to the subscribed farmer by SMS instructing them on the duration (how long) they should apply water to their irrigation plots as per the weather conditions of the day or week. This ensures that crops are not over irrigated or under irrigated hence increasing crop productivity and production due to efficient and effective water use. The farmer pays a monthly fee to receive the irrigation advice information.

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