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The Smart Irrigator is a Web Portal that allows farmers to subscribe and register their particulars on the site. Based on our back-end engine and the selected crop properties, we compute the amount of water the crop requires on a daily basis. We use daily evapotranspiration rates, soil texture, distribution uniformity, among other crop parameters to compute how much water the crop needs. The portal also computes the amount of individual fertilizer the crop needs during its different growth stages. Agronomic messages are also included to assist the farmer be aware of the pests and diseases affecting the crop. Text messages are sent to the subscribed farmers on regular intervals to assist them take appropriate action. This tool supports the farmer double or treble their yields and incomes. We have entered into partnership with some companies that sell greenhouses, offer financial loans for the greenhouses as well as agronomic support in the field. Our products are packaged and sold with the greenhouse as a complete package.

What we do

Our services are geared towards problem solving.We are proud to make agriculture a major economy booster .

Fertilizer Applications

The Smart Irrigator is designed to offer agronomy advises in sms format.

Irrigation Advisory

The Smart Irrigator application advises farmers on their irrigation water management such as when to irrigate and for how long. .

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast data is important for planning farm operations such as spraying of pests and diseases, seedling transplanting, planting date, harvesting date etc.